Web Services

Web Design ~ Development ~ Custom Graphics

Our design team will generate a graphic layout for your business or self interest with the appearance and organization only deserving of a most Premium Website. After the layout design has been agreed upon, we get to work integrating your content to our framework. When producing a dynamic Website, Gano AD optimizes the full use of PHP and ASP.NET programming languages and networks to create a clean, streamlined site for ease of navigation and communication between administrators and users. For static Websites, we take full advantage of XHTML, HTML5, and CSS3 programming languages. JavaScript and jQuery functions are used in coordination with PhotoShop and Dreamweaver to create a graphically unique, one-off Website found only at Gano AD.

SEO ~ Viral Marketing ~ Social Branding

Strategic planning is where Gano AD truly excels. Utilizing a combination of SEO, Viral Marketing, and Social Branding, we know how to generate the web based traffic your business needs. Search Engine Optimization is the 4th most competitive market in the Web industry. Gano AD maintains its reputation as an SEO powerhouse by utilizing every up-to-date tool found in SEO to boost a client's Website to the front of a Google search. Forget third party subcontracting or SEO scam companies, we provide in-house only SEO which includes natural SEO built into the Website, back-linking from many larger Websites, purchasing multiple similar domain names each developed with their own landing page and unique content directed back to the client's Website creating an SEO "inverted triangle", and a myriad of other SEO tools we like to keep "hush-hush". Viral Marketing consists of an individualized plan for releasing information in a chronological and viral manner while using our long time connections to get your business seen in as little time as possible. Social Branding is the accumulation of tying together your Website with custom created Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Linked In Profiles, and a BeHance Network Portfolio. Each of these services alone will result in a large boost in online traffic. When Gano AD adds our touch of "Applied Development" and ties these services together as one, the sky becomes the limit.

Server Hosting ~ Domain Name ~E-Mail Accounts

Gano AD can supply you with domain names, server hosting, and e-mail accounts, as well as maintain your Website. If a client wishes to take personal control over their Website, Gano AD will develop the Website soley using a Content Management System alowing a client to manipulate content at their leisure. This option is mainly left open to clients who have some experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and ASPX programming languages. For the "daily blogger", Gano AD can train the client to navigate the CMS based Website allowing for ease of blogging and image posting.

What They Say

"This site is amazing. It looks so clean and modern. This is exactly what I wanted. Oh I'm soo excited!""by: Robin ., event planner

"A special thanks to Gano for making a masterpiece of a website!"by: Joseph ., entrepeneur

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