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Team Leaders at Gano AD.

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Ryan Nick

Owner / Web Designer

Hey I'm Ryan! I unofficially founded this company 14 years ago after taking a general HTML programming class over the summer. The class consisted mostly of men in there 40's trying to get into the new and upcoming "Web Biz". We were given 3 months to read, write, and program an entire website in Microsoft Notepad using 'Hypertext Markup Language' (WTF?) So when the time came, who won the first place prize..? Some 13 year old kid who programmed a Mortal Kombat character-bio website!
it was a kick ass site...
This immediately branched out to producing the graphic design for the infamous Portal Punter v1.3. You know, the program that would allow someone to send an America Online IM that "punts" you offline or terminates your account?
it was a kick ass punter...

A decade and a half later, I now specialize in Web Design & Development, Business Management and Strategic Planning. My expertise resides in graphic / web design, multiple programming languages, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing, Social Branding, and a myriad of other services listed under "Applied Development". I am passionate about every project we oversee and would never produce a product that I would not promote myself at GanoAD.com. Contact Gano AD by clicking the button bellow and either myself or an associate will reply back shortly.

Programming / IT Support

Hi I'm Nick. I am the head of programming operations and IT support. I've been working with Gano AD for over a year producing Websites via Content Management Systems.

Prior to joining Gano AD, I was involved managing and operating databasing systems for a multimillion dollar corporation.
I am well versed working with Content Management Systems, producing clean, streamlined Websites for companies looking to launch their business to the next level.

Living in Boca Raton, I first met Ryan many years ago. Realizing our combined potential for Web Design, we made an ideal match for growing Gano AD as a local Web Development company. Since the lauch of Gano AD in early 2011, we have expanded our Web Services to include all elements required in successfully lauching a new Website or business, generating traffic, and privding the conversion rates you seek.